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Would you like your Namecheap to go faster, stop crashing, or just be better?

Does your site get more or less than 5,000 unique people visiting it every month? If you see less than this number of people coming each month, you should change your shared plan.

On the other hand, if each month brings more than this, you should start thinking about changing to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or your very own Dedicated server, whether managed or unmanaged.

One last quick point to note is that if your site is based on WordPress, you should look at a WordPress-specific hosting plan. If you've set up WordPress on your own a shared hosting plan, this might improve things quite dramatically. That said, if you've already given this a try, it's definitely time for a VPS or Dedicated server.

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Namecheap: A Brief History
With more than 2 million clients and their 5 million domains, Namecheap is the leading ICANN accredited hosting site on the market today. Created in 2000 by Richard Kirkendall, it has since been fulfilling its straightforward and wholesome mission: to ensure that every customer gets the best customer service, prices, and packages possible. For those who have had websites for several years, ICANN accreditation means something. For those who haven’t, it may be a foreign term. ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and is a nonprofit organization. They strive to analyze each website and make sure that they’re trustworthy enough to do business. If your data is essential to you, ICANN endorsement is important. It’s how you know a company can be trusted. And chances are if Richard Kirkendall has anything to do with it, it’s trustworthy.

Kirkendall graduated from Harvard Business school and immediately launched into the entrepreneur industry by starting Namecheap in Los Angeles, CA. Today, there’s still a headquarters there and another one in the United Kingdom. In addition to his impressive degree, Kirkendall is fluent in three languages: English, French, Italian, and Spanish. Not only did he use his degree to create a successful company, but Kirkendall uses it to defend what he believes is right. Each year, his company hosts a “Move your Domain Day” to encourage customers not only to join their brand but also to defend the freedom of speech. On this day, a portion of the proceeds is donated to organizations that protest bills like SOPA, or the Stop Online Piracy Act. The bill, if it had passed, would have taken down tens of thousands of websites across the internet. The day also allows those who are with companies that support the movement to oppose their views. Because of this day, Namecheap has become professionals at transferring websites.

Whether you just need to transfer your domain or you want Namecheap to host your entire website, they’ve got an easy way to do both. First, for the domain, it’s as easy as visiting their site and picking out your new domain. While there are hundreds of options available, some of the best ones are only $0.88 per year, every year. Extensions like “.science” and “.mobi are a couple of examples of these cheap options, but many more exist. For switching your entire hosting experience, it’s equally simple. Just choose whichever transfer package you want, and begin paying annually. No hidden fees exist, just the gold standard of simplicity that Namecheap has created. However, if you’re just starting out Namecheap is still the perfect option for you.

Namecheap offers a variety of different hosting packages, such as reseller, shared, and VPS. The shared options are typically the most popular, and Namecheap offers this in four choices. The fourth is very distinct from the other three, as experts designed it for those with a business need. It includes 20 GB of pure SSD disk space as well as an unlimited amount of websites that you can create. This way, you can quickly expand your business and gain more domains as necessary. The other three packages are called Value, Professional, and Ultimate. One of the main differences between the two types of packages is that the business charges monthly and the other three are annually, and their prices are $9.88, $19.88, and $29.88, in that order. These three all come with a specific amount of websites and data storage, increasing as the prices do. Either way, Namecheap has the ideal package for you and your websites.
Hosting Plans Available
  Type Number of Plans Price Range  
Upgrade Namecheap shared hosting Shared 4 $3.24 to $19.88 More Info
Upgrade Namecheap VPS hosting VPS 4 $19.95 to $69.95 More Info
Upgrade Namecheap unmanaged dedicated hosting Unmanaged Dedicated 18 $58.88 to $379.88 More Info