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Outgrown your current InMotion Hosting plan?

Is your InMotion site running slowly, or you feel like things are running less reliably than you'd like?

As a very rough rule of thumb, if less than 5,000 unique visitors come to your site each month, you should look at upgrading your shared hosting plan.

If your site gets more visitors than this each month, you need to look at moving to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or your own Dedicated server.

There's one exception to this rule: if you rely on WordPress, try one of InMotion's WordPress plans, rather than installaing WordPress yourself on a shared hosting plan. If you've tried that already, though, it's definitely time for a VPS or Dedicated server.

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InMotion Hosting: A Brief History
When starting your own website, what are the most important things a company needs to offer? You’d probably say great customer support, a long history of success, and the ability to have a say in how your website is run. Good news, InMotion Hosting has been meeting all three of those requirements and beyond since 2001, when it was created by Todd Robinson and Sunil Saxena. The company has earned the title of best VPS hosting provider and best web hosting site in general across several websites. Additionally, they won multiple awards in 2011 across several technology categories. InMotion’s main pride resides in its high level of customer service, as they require their employees to pass many training checkpoints before they can rise to the given title of “technology experts.”

Before someone can get hired at InMotion, they must have approximately four years of prior professional experience. This in itself eliminates a lot of people as possible employees, but ensures that clients receive the best help possible. On top of those four years, staff members must also endure 160 hours of intensive inside training on various topics they need to know to help customers and run websites. This practice ensures that every employee with whom you speak will be able to provide the same level of information as the previous one. While this may seem rigorous, in order to be a manager there are even more requirements. One must have at least ten years of web hosting experience in order to reach this highly esteemed position within the enterprise. When you consider the long educational backgrounds of the two creators, it’s no wonder why the training is so difficult.

In 2001, Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson collaborated to create one of the largest web hosting websites on the market. Robinson has a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering which he received from the Michigan Technological University. Sunil Saxena also has a Bachelor’s degree, but his is in economics from the University of California. Even more interesting, Saxena is fluent in a total of three languages: Spanish, Hindi, and English. These two men had the great idea of establishing data centers on opposite sides of the country, so one is in Virginia Beach, VA, and the other in Los Angeles, CA. Why is this a great idea? It enables the speed of data transfer to be higher than ever.

With these two centers being as far away as possible, the company allows the client to choose whichever is closer to where they operate to route their data. The closer the proximity of the data center directly influences the speed of the websites. InMotion also came up with the idea to work with other ISPs around the globe to make the data connection even faster. On top of the fastest connection ever, InMotion also ensures that no information is ever lost from your website by backing it up every 36 hours for up to 10 GB of data. And, if you’re still unsure, the company offers a 90-day money back guarantee on all four of their packages, which range anywhere from $5.99 to $99.99. There really is a package for everyone, with more than enough features and safety nets that everyone should try it.

InMotion’s future is bright, as they continue to perfect the art of web hosting. These technology experts are definitely what you need to run your online domain.
Hosting Plans Available
  Type Number of Plans Price Range  
Upgrade InMotion shared hosting Shared 3 $7.99 to $15.99 More Info
Upgrade InMotion WordPress hosting WordPress 3 $4.19 to $8.99 More Info
Upgrade InMotion VPS hosting VPS 3 $29.99 to $74.99 More Info
Upgrade InMotion managed dedicated hosting Managed Dedicated 6 $99.99 to $539.99 More Info