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Outgrown your current HostGator plan?

Is your website hosted with HostGator underperforming, or unreliable, or you're just sick of the service you're (not) receiving?

If so, do a quick check of your site's visitor numbers: 5,000 unique visitors per month is the magic figure. If you're seeing fewer people than this, your problem lies either with an underpowered shared plan (in which case, choose a better one), or a technical issue due to something like a bad WordPress plugin - if you're using WordPress, that is - or some other bad code lying somewhere down the line.

From the other side, if your site is regularly getting more users than this, start looking at a Virtual Private Server (VPS) . You should also look at Dedicated servers (managed or unmanaged - the question being who fixes problems when things go wrong. Managed is the hosting company, unmanaged is on you)

If you use WordPress, do check a WordPress-specific hosting plan as you could see large improvements by switching to a WordPress-optimized plans instead of setting everything up on your own on a standard shared hosting plan. If you've already tried this, or been told by your host that it won't make any difference, well, VPS or Dedicated time it is!

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HostGator: A Brief History
Brent Oxley had no idea that when he created HostGator that it would still be one of the most popular web hosting sites on the market fifteen years later. The year was 2002 and Oxley was just a college student at the Florida Atlantic University. In 2012, when Oxley made to sell the company to Endurance International Group, he made a total of $225 million. Pretty impressive, right? Today, the company stands firmly with approximately 400,000 customers and nine million domains registered with their business. How did such a small company become so successful? It’s because of their mission. HostGator promises to offer the best service for the lowest price, and they do. The prices on their packages are lower than any others on the market, and they offer a crazy amount of features, too.

Whether your site is for business or pleasure, HostGator has options for design for both. Some of the packages come with either WordPress or Drupal access, both of which are very popular and accessible web designing apps, available to you at no extra charge. There are also a wide variety of other types of programs that you can use in your website to improve your users’ experience and your site’s usability. A select number of the packages also include advertising stipends to ensure your business or blog gets noticed. First, there’s a $100 Yahoo! or Bing credit, so when people search things related to your site you come up on top. Next, there’s a $100 Google AdWords credit that works similarly. Both are very helpful in making sure your site gets noticed. Sounds great, right? Just choose a package!

HostGator offers seven different types of hosting options: cloud, VPS, WordPress, reseller, domains, dedicated, and shared, which is their most popular option. Within the shared choice there are three different sizes of packages. The first, Hatchling, is the smallest and cheapest at $2.78 monthly. It includes an SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth, one domain, and one click installations for ensuring your site is fast to use. The second is called Baby, and its features are the same except it comes with unlimited domains and a slightly higher monthly price of $3.98. These first two are more for those with blogs or websites that won’t have as high of a number of visits. The third and final package is called Business, and it’s for just that. It comes with all of the same features as Baby, but with a couple of extras. Included is also a toll-free number and a private IP address. This is to ensure the security of your website. The price for the final package is $5.98 a month for right now, as all of the prices will only be on sale for a limited time.

In 2016, HostGator is still winning tons of impressive awards. One is Hosting Advice’s “Best Host to Grow With” award and another is PCmag’s Editor’s Choice for the best hosting site. Since this service has been around for 15 years, many would expect it to get old and for those who use it to be looking for something new. Brent Oxley has thought of a way to avoid this and is constantly keeping HostGator fresh. Just recently the company actually switched to being a green host, meaning that they rely entirely on a renewable resource for electricity rather than harmful fossil fuels. So not only do you get great service by working with HostGator, but you’re doing a great service to the environment.
Hosting Plans Available
  Type Number of Plans Price Range  
Upgrade HostGator shared hosting Shared 3 $5.56 to $11.96 More Info
Upgrade HostGator unmanaged dedicated hosting Unmanaged Dedicated 8 $79.00 to $129.00 More Info