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Would you like your GoDaddy to go faster, stop crashing, or just be better?

Does your site get more or less than 5,000 unique people visiting it every month? If you see less than this number of people coming each month, you should change your shared plan.

On the other hand, if each month brings more than this, you should start thinking about changing to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or your very own Dedicated server, whether managed or unmanaged.

One last quick point to note is that if your site is based on WordPress, you should look at one of GoDaddy's WordPress plans. If you've set up WordPress on your own a shared hosting plan, this might improve things quite dramatically. That said, if you've already given this a try, it's definitely time for a VPS or Dedicated server.

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GoDaddy: A Brief History
When Robert Parsons created his second business in 1997, he knew it would become successful, but had no idea just how much. GoDaddy is the largest web hosting site available today, with more than 5000 employees, 60 million domains, and $1 trillion in revenue annually. It’s because of this high-income rate that GoDaddy can sponsor several widely known events in the United States, like NASCAR races. Parsons made the big decision to sell his business once he grew it enough but remains the largest shareholder, holding 28 percent of the company’s total stocks. What might he do with this vast amount of money? Parsons calls himself a philanthropist, and thus donates $5 million annually to a wide variety of charities. A couple of these include Autism Speaks and March of Dimes, two non-profit organizations that focus on funding the research for cures to childhood diseases. Through their almost 20 years of success, GoDaddy has been able to design a wide variety of packages that encompass what their clients want the most.

The first impression any customer gets from your website is the domain title. Is it catchy? Is it easily remembered? If the answer to either of these questions is no, there’s a good chance that you just lost a potential customer. GoDaddy knows this, and they provide the widest variety of domain extensions on the market. Two of their newest include “.xyz” and “.guru.” It’s simple, but it’s useful in gaining new clientele. GoDaddy also knows how hard it can be when starting up a new business, so they’ve got an offer up where you can start a new domain with the extension “.com” for only $0.99 for the first year. Cool, right? It’s unusual that a company of this size can remember what it’s like to be a newly created business, but GoDaddy employees seem to always keep that in mind, especially when designing their shared hosting packages.

It’s a simple concept; three packages, three different sizes, three different prices. GoDaddy offers Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate packages for their shared hosting customers to choose. Typically, the prices are $7.99, $10.99, and $14.99 monthly, but, currently, remain discounted to half of their regular prices. Employees designed the Ultimate package for those with a high need for security. It comes with a one year SSL certificate that helps ensure no data disappears. This goes for the Linux and Window packages. Every package also comes with free email addresses, one free domain, and unlimited bandwidth, with even more features included for the more expensive packages. Although it’s not included in the packages, GoDaddy has professional website designers that work exclusively for GoDaddy’s clients, so you can have your personal designer that will work to make your dreams a reality. All of these unique and well-thought-out features are thanks to Robert Parson’s genius.

In 1975, Parsons graduated from the University of Baltimore with a degree in accounting. However, he selected to go the entrepreneurial route and started a business from the basement of his house. Soon, Parsons Technology was a business valued at $64 million by Intuit Inc., and Parsons decided to sell it. Shortly after the sale, Parsons went back to work and created another business, called Jomax Technologies. Instead of building software as Parsons Technology did, Jomax was focused on domain hosting, and soon the name changed to GoDaddy. With the sale of his newest business, Parsons was able to continue doing what he loved most; donating to charities that need his help.
Hosting Plans Available
  Type Number of Plans Price Range  
Upgrade GoDaddy shared hosting Shared 3 $7.99 to $16.99 More Info
Upgrade GoDaddy WordPress hosting WordPress 3 $3.51 to $7.43 More Info
Upgrade GoDaddy cloud hosting Cloud 5 $5.01 to $78.84 More Info
Upgrade GoDaddy VPS hosting VPS 8 $24.71 to $108.38 More Info
Upgrade GoDaddy unmanaged dedicated hosting Unmanaged Dedicated 1 $12.36 to $12.36 More Info
Upgrade GoDaddy managed dedicated hosting Managed Dedicated 8 $108.40 to $236.53 More Info
Moving to or from GoDaddy
    Shared Plans WordPress Cloud VPS Unmanaged Dedicated Managed Dedicated Recommended?
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and InMotion Hosting InMotion Hosting and GoDaddy Yes
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and Namecheap Namecheap and GoDaddy Yes
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and JustHost JustHost and GoDaddy Yes
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and iPage iPage and GoDaddy Yes
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and FatCow FatCow and GoDaddy Yes
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and DreamHost DreamHost and GoDaddy No
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and A2 Hosting A2 Hosting and GoDaddy No
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and Heart Internet Heart Internet and GoDaddy No
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and HostGator HostGator and GoDaddy No
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and Bluehost Bluehost and GoDaddy No
Switching hosts between GoDaddy and A Small Orange A Small Orange and GoDaddy No