About Us

Rebecca Nelson, general manager of Changing.Hosting

When Rebecca first got into web development, you still couldn’t get online if your mum was on the phone. A lot has changed since then, but Rebecca’s professional path stayed the same. After years of work as independent web developer she has vast knowledge on most hosting platforms, from cloud and VPS to dedicated hosting service.

Before her daughter was born, Rebecca would spend most of her free time traveling around Europe with a backpack. Now, however, she spends most of her free time traveling around Europe with a child. It’s not as easy, but they manage.

About Changing.Hosting

In a perfect world, every review we read online would be genuine and helpful. Sadly, this is not how things work on the internet. Most hosting reviews websites will not hesitate to write fake opinions and recommendations just to show hosting companies in a good light.

At changing.hosting, we value honest opinions and real feedback. That’s why our reviewing system is pretty much watertight: all the reviews are written by real people who then post them online across various social media platforms.

We don’t care whether the opinions are good or bad – all we care about is that they are true, helpful and fair. We strive to give you access to substantial feedback – that’s why it’s our job to examine those reviews and decide whether they refer to a company’s malware protection systems, server speed, support system, or anything else you might find useful.

This way we can give you something no other hosting reviews website can: honest feedback to help you choose the host you can trust to do the job for you.